How Much Does a After Hours Plumber Charge?

Most plumbing fixes are predictable, giving you freedom to get estimates and allow arrangements for your 24/7 Plumbing Service to come to your premises during normal operating hours.

But, on the odd occasion you don’t have time to procrastinate.

How much is an After Hours Plumber going to cost you? Knowing in advance can save you money.

How Much Does an Emergency Plumber Cost?*

If your emergency plumbing job happens during normal daytime hours and you can wait for the plumber to fit you into his timetable that day, you’ll probably only have to pay their call out fee plus materials and the time spent on the job.

Call out costs can vary between $50 and $150, with around $85 being about the ordinary. Very few Emergency Plumbing Company’s do not charge call out bills and unless you know them well, it’s best not to confidence a plumber who does not charge one. The call out cost covers their travel time and other business expenses.

A plumber who does not charge a call out bill may not have insurance or an up-to-date licence.

If the plumbing emergency occurs outside of normal daytime hours, you will have to pay an emergency call out rate.

Emergency call out rates can vary strikingly.

Some plumbers charge around $150 as an emergency call out rate while others charge $250 or more. If they have to stay to complete a complicated job, the charges can become very high because their hourly emergency rate will also be higher.

It’s not surprising to find a job that might cost $350 to $450 during normal working hours costing $850 or more if it has to be done outside of normal working hours.

How to Save on Emergency Plumbing

When an emergency plumbing repair arises, you don’t have time to shop around and find the affordable rates.

Rather than be laboured forced to take the 1st plumbing company you can find at 2 a.m., prepare in advance by finding Emergency plumbers in your area and keeping their contact details handy. A simple safeguard like this can save you hundreds of dollars later, when a plumbing emergency arises.

Another way to avoid emergency plumbing costs is to get those plumbing problems taken care of before an emergency occurs.

For example, if your drains are partially blocked and home remedies don’t work, get them cleared rather than wait until they become completely blocked.

*Cost and prices in this article are indicative and should only be used as a guide. They also vary ly and are subject to market forces.