Section J – Vegetables

STEWARD: Kaye Simkin

For exhibitor gaining highest aggregate points in vegetables.

For the best collection of vegetables.

ENTRY FEE: 60 cents. 1st prize: $4; 2nd Prize: $2 (unless otherwise stated.)

All exhibits must have been grown by the exhibitor.

Judging commences at 1pm Friday.


231. Three potatoes, any variety. (Prize of $5 donated by Dot and Peter Harris)
234. One head of cabbage, any variety.
235. One head of Broccoli. (Prize of $6 & $4 donated by Mrs. Gaylene Johnson)
236. One head of cauliflower, any variety.
237. One head of lettuce, any variety. (Prize of $5 donated by P.J. & H.B. Allen)
238. Bunch of three beetroot. (Prize of $6 & $4 donated by Mrs. Gaylene Johnson)
239. Bunch of three carrots.
240. Bunch of three parsnips.
241. Bunch of three turnips.
243. Bunch of spring onions.
244. Bunch of parsley.
245. Three onions.
246. Wackiest vegetable.
247. Bunch of Kale.
249. Pumpkin, any variety.
251. Asian Green, eg Pak Choy, Bok Choy
252. Four silverbeet leaves. (Prize of $5 donated by Dot & Peter Harris)
253. Plate of peas in pod, 8 pods.
254. Plate of Snow Peas, 8 pods.
255. Plate of Beans, 8 pods, any variety.
256. Selection of herbs. (Prize of $5 donated by P.J. & H.B. Allen)
257. Collection of vegetables, not less than five varieties. (Prize of $10 donated in memory of Mrs Glenys Teakle)
258. Exhibit of any other variety of vegetable, to be named.

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