Regulations and Conditions


1. Admission to Show Grounds: Adults $12.00, Children under 17 years free.

2. Senior Membership $8, entitles the member to free admission to the Show and half entry fees for any entries. Ring entries excepted. Junior Membership (under 17 years) $2, entitles the member to free entry to the Show and half entry fees for any entries. Ring entries excepted.

3. In the event of there being no competition in any class, prizes may be awarded if the
judges certify to particular merit, but they are especially requested to withhold prizes even where there is competition, if the exhibits are of inferior quality or are not suitable for the class in which they have entered. The judges may award a second prize or make a highly commended award.

4. No stallions to be exhibited as hacks.

5. Children’s ages shall be determined on day of show.

6. All sheep and lambs to be shown in the wool, the number of days’ growth to be stated in entry. Wethers as per class.

7. Exhibitors are requested to state age and pedigree of blood stock, and breed name on
entry form.

8. All exhibits must be the property of the exhibitor, and all products must be made or grown by the exhibitor.

9. Entries for Ring Events will be received up to 15 minutes prior to starting time. Entrance fee must be paid in the ring. All Sheep entries close on the Thursday prior to the Show. All Poultry entries close on the Tuesday prior to the Show. All remaining entries, accompanied by entrance fee, must be in the hands of the Secretary no later than 12 noon on the Friday preceding the Show.

10. All Photography and Art exhibits must be in position for judging by 2pm on Friday prior to the Show, all other Exhibition Hall exhibits must be in position for judging by 8.45am on Show Day.

11. Sheep must be on the ground no later than 8.00am on Show Day. Judging starts at 9.00am Stewards in attendance at 7.30am

12. Cages will be provided by the Society for Poultry Exhibits.

13. No two classes of Poultry to be shown in the same cage.

14. Ring Event judging will commence at 8am, Sheep, Wool, Poultry and all Exhibition Hall Sections will commence judging at 9.00am sharp. The Exhibition Hall shall remain closed until 12.30pm, or until the completion of judging on Show Day.

15. All grain exhibits must be last season’s growth.

16. Protests must be lodged with the Secretary before 4.00pm on Show Day, where practicable, accompanied by a deposit of $5.00 to be forfeited if the Society deems protest frivolous.

17. Every reasonable care will be taken of exhibits, but no responsibility will be incurred by the Society.

18. In the case of a dispute as the interpretation of any of the foregoing rules and regulations, the same shall be determined by the Committee.

19. Any person insulting or interfering with the Officials during the Show will be subject to removal from the ground, and prizes, (if any) awarded to such person may be absolutely forfeited to the funds of the Society.

20. It shall be the duty of the stewards to prevent any person from interfering with the judges and, if necessary, to order the removal of such offender. 

21. Pens of more than one sheep cannot be broken to enable sheep to compete in individual sheep classes. Individual sheep cannot be entered in more than one class.

22. In all classes except ring events, where a special prize is given for a class, this prize will replace the ordinary prize, or if less, the amount will be made up to the amount, as shown on the top of the section.

23. In the event of a tie for the highest aggregate points in any section, prize allocated shall be won by the Exhibitor with the most first prizes. In the event of a further tie, prize allocated shall be won by the person with the most entries in the Section, if still equal, entries over the whole of the Exhibition Hall will be counted, if points are still equal, entries in the whole of the Show will be taken into consideration.

24. In all classes, the judge has the power to change an exhibit to another class within the Section if, in their opinion, it has not been entered in the right class.

25. Where the Society’s ribbon is made available the judge is expected to award it to the best exhibit in the section.

26. All livestock found vermin infested will be removed from the grounds.

27. (a) All entries received are subject to these Show Regulations and By-Laws, the Special Regulations in each Section, and to the Uniform By-Laws made under the Royal Agricultural Society Act, 1926;
(b) The Society may refuse any entry without giving any reason therefore;
(c) The Committee may at any time disqualify from exhibiting either indefinitely or for such a period as it may think fit, any exhibitor who has in the opinion of the Committee been guilty of any breech of these regulations, or whose conduct whether at or during any Show of the Society has in the opinion of the Committee been such that he is unfit to exhibit at any Show of the Society;
(d) No person who has been disqualified from exhibiting at any Show of the Royal
Agricultural Society of Western Australia Inc, or at any show or Society affiliated therewith, shall during the period of disqualification be allowed to act as agent, representative or servant of any exhibitor at any Show of the Society, and the exhibitor of such stock shall be disqualified;
(e) During the period of disqualification no entry will be received from any person disqualified from the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia Inc, or by any Society affiliated therewith, and should an entry be accidently accepted, it shall be deemed to be void and the entry fee will be returned.

28. The Society will be under no liability for any loss or damage suffered by an exhibitor in respect of any property exhibited by him, whether caused by or attributed to the negligence of the Society, or any of its servants or otherwise whatsoever.

29. The Society will not be responsible for any accident that may be caused through or by an exhibit or exhibitors; and it shall be a condition of entry that such exhibitor shall hold the Society blameless and indemnified against legal proceedings arising from such an accident.

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