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Find out what’s on at this years 104th Annual Northampton Agricultural Show…

Northampton Show Schedule

Saturday 17 September 2022

6:30 AM

Sensory hour by appointment only, no noise, crowds or bright lights. Private special-needs tour of animals and exhibition hall. 

7:30 AM

Grounds open. Breakfast available.

8:00 AM

Show Jumping commences. Triple M Breakfast live broadcast begins.

9:00 AM

Saddle Horses. Agriculture judging. Exhibition Hall opens.

10:00 AM

Future Farmer judging. Sideshow alley, Market stalls and Food vans open. Comedy and Karaoke Tent opens. Outside Exhibits on display. Bookstore open.

10:30 AM

Beaut Ute judging. Junk Art judging.

11:00 AM

Triple M's Magnificent Midwest Mullet judging. Live broadcast concludes. Junior Mullet judging.

11:20 AM

Welcome to Country.

11:30 AM

Live Show: Humphrey B Bear - Put On Your Dancing Shoes. Ute judging.

12:00 PM

Ponies. Lunch service starts in Community Centre. Cocktail Bar opens. Cashino opens.

12:15 PM

ASP Extreme Freestyle Moto X Action (School Oval).

12:30 PM

Homebrew judging.

1:00 PM

Northampton Volunteer Fire Service Road Crash Rescue demonstration. 

2:00 PM

Payout of prize money in the Show Office commences.

2:15 PM

ASP Extreme Freestyle Moto X Action (School Oval).

2:30 PM

Geraldton Bootscooters.

3:00 PM

Through the years: Parade of Old Wedding Dresses.

4:00 PM

Presentation of Silver Cups and Trophies. Comedy and Karaoke Tent closes. Bookstore closes.

4:30 PM

Exhibition Hall closes.

5:00 PM

Junior Farmers Challenge. Cashino closes.

5:30 PM

Farmers Challenge. World Record attempt.

6:00 PM

ASP Extreme Freestyle Moto X Action (Main Oval). Raffle draw.

6:30 PM

World Premiere: Jordan Anthony and Live Band (The Voice 2019). 

7:30 PM


Enjoy tea after the Show at the Northampton Community Centre.

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