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Our sponsors are what make it all possible
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Gold Sponsors

We thank each and every one of our sponsors, for without your ongoing support, our show would not be possible.

Why sponsor us?

The Northampton District Agricultural Society has been around for more than a century and our annual event The Northampton Show is the biggest and only such event of its kind in our shire.

Help us deliver on our promise of not only “the biggest and best Northampton Show ever” but also “the most inclusive Northampton Show ever” – year after year!

  • We have high production standards, high quality artwork and marketing, sophisticated PR and media outreach that speaks to everyone in our community. Early opportunities include our printed program and and posters displayed throughout the Mid West, as well as inclusion on our statewide TV and Radio campaigns.
  • There are digital opportunities on the day for audio visual promotions on our main stage and giant screens positioned around the ground, as well as on our website, database and social media channels.
  • Our key metrics are attendance figures, visitors attracted from other regions, media coverage, social media reach and engagement, website analytics as well as the amount of exhibition entries.

Project Delivery

Newly elected show president, Fred Porter has a 25+ year career in media, entertainment and events management. He is also an experienced Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketer and certified Facebook and Google professional. 

Long serving Treasurer Mrs Di Hulme has been involved in the Northampton Show for more than 40 years and is an expert at the tradition and operations of the show. Her passion for the show and the associated awards, produce and exhibition hall are unrivalled. 

Our Vice President, Shaz Cowlin grew up volunteering in the communuity with her family and has the skills and experience to keep our committee and show running smoothly and to schedule. Shaz is the glue in our organisation that helps us deliver on our committements to our sponsors and partners, as well as the community on the day.

Elise Mizzi is also from the next generation of Northampton locals. Elise is an experienced publicist and works with many agricultural shows around Australia. Her partner Ben is a videographer, producer and all round multi-media wizard who’s work behind the scenes is invaluable and has helped us elevate our show to a whole new level.

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