Exhibition Hall

Display your best work in our traditional Exhibition Hall. Entries through Showday Online for 2023 are now open.
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Exhibition Hall Sections

SECTION J – Vegetables
SECTION L – Home Produce
SECTION N – Cooking

SECTION O – Flowers & Plants
SECTION P – Fancywork
SECTION R – Photography

SECTION S – Crafts
SECTION T – Collection of Articles
SECTION U – Literature
SECTION V – Junior

Over 100 Years of Tradition

Our Exhibition Hall is a showcase of the creativity and skills of the local community. Since our original heritage listed hall was destroyed in the cyclone, the Exhibition Hall is now located downstairs in the Community Centre at the Showground on the day.

Experience homemade jams, cakes, pies, and other baked goods on display, judged by local experts and awarded prizes based on their quality and presentation. You can also see a range of home-grown produce, alongside paintings, drawings, craft, literature and photographs in the art section. All exhibition pieces are created by non-professional hobbyists and home-makers.

The school work section is where students showcase talents taught in our local schools, and may include projects, artwork, literature, and other stellar work.

Overall, the Exhibition Hall is a platform for local participants to showcase their home-grown talents and creativity and for visitors to appreciate and learn from the works on display.

General Information

All Exhibition Hall exhibits (apart from Photography and Art) to be delivered to the Northampton Community Centre Stadium (downstairs car park area) between 10am to 4pm Thursday 14th September and 10am to 12.45pm Friday 15th September 2023.

PHOTOGRAPHY and ART entries to be delivered between 10am and 4pm Thursday 14th September and 8am and 10am Friday 15th September. Judging commences at 1pm Friday 15th September. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Poultry entries close at 5pm on Saturday 2nd September, for information phone 0428 046 075. All other entries close at 4pm Thursday 14th September 2023.

All Exhibition Hall entries can be made at Showday Online and have entry tickets attached or email phone or deliver to Show Office.

For more information phone:

  • Di 0417 940 918
  • Kathy 0427 343 026
  • Marieke 0427 898 160

Satellite pickup locations prior to 4pm Wednesday 13th September 2023, for transport to Northampton:

  • Kalbarri: Kalbarri Visitor Centre, 70 Grey Street.
  • Geraldton: Independent Rural, 147 Flores Road

The Show Office, situated at the Northampton Community Centre Squash Court area, will be open between 10am and 4pm from Monday 11th to Friday 15th September.

Correspondence may be addressed to:
The Secretary – PO Box 207, Northampton WA 6535

Stewards Duties

  • All Exhibition Hall Stewards will attend from 12noon on Friday and Stewards of outside Sections from 7.30am on Saturday for the reception, classification, and placing of all exhibits and all other matters having reference thereto.
  • To obtain their Official Badge, Entry Book, score sheet and prize cards from the Chief Steward, or Head of Section, and wait upon the Judges and afford them all information and attention necessary in the discharge of their duties.
  • To accept exhibits, tick off in Entry Book, sort into classes as exhibits arrive.
  • To advise Chief Steward, or Head of Section, where necessary, to reject any exhibit, in which case prompt action will be taken.
  • To present all entries in each class to Judge for judging. Record prize winners in entry book and on exhibit ticket.
  • To attach the prize card to the respective exhibit in each class. Complete points sheet by entering class number for each class won. Score five points for first prize, three points for each second prize won.
  • Record Trophy winners for your Section on bottom of points sheet.
  • To return all books and sheets to Chief Steward, or Head of Section, immediately after completion.
  • To report to Section at 4.30pm for return of exhibits to exhibitors.
  • To be conversant with method of payment of prize money.

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Gold Sponsors

We thank each and every one of our sponsors, for without your ongoing support, our show would not be possible.

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