Amy Teakle – Rural Ambassador

Sep 8, 2021 | News, Past Events

I grew up in England in a semi urban town and attended a small primary school, well small by English standards, establishing an early thirst for community and volunteering.

Travelling around Australia exposed me to the ‘real’ meaning of rural and I quickly fell in love with the many small country towns I visited.

Deciding to settle in Northampton was an easy decision, after experiencing first-hand, how the small but mighty community rallies around, in a time of need. As well as meeting my now husband, that definitely sweetened the deal.

I am currently an Enrolled nurse, hoping to further my career in the near future and study to become a Registered Nurse.

I am the CEO of St. John Ambulance, Northampton, as well as being a level two volunteer.I feel this keeps me involved in the community and gives me the opportunity to give something back.

I am also the secretary of the Northampton Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service, as well as being an active member of the brigade.

I feel that volunteering with-in the community has given me the opportunity to learn to work within a team, as well as learning to manage a team of volunteers, which includes ensuring they are all achieving their personal targets, without sacrificing anything within their life outside of Volunteering.

Since being in Northampton I have volunteered in a few different community groups, which has really driven home the ‘community spirit’ everyone talks about being so strong in Northampton.

Volunteering in St John Ambulance has been an ongoing passion for several years. Juggling our kids, my work and being the St John Northampton Chairperson can be challenging, but extremely awarding, not to mention the village that assists in raising my children.

Currently I am on a quest to ensure our community has a greater access to defibrillators to use in the event of a community cardiac arrest in rural settings. We have several publicly accessible defibrillators around the Northampton Shire and I intend to not only increase the number of defibrillators, therefore reducing travelling time to access them, but also to increase the awareness of their locations.

My hobbies include Netball and Squash, both of which I currently play socially in Northampton.

I am also an activate part of my husband’s family farm and enjoy everything in farming, from sheep work to tractor driving and love working with my family. I also enjoy spending time with my children exploring new places and camping.

Photo Credit: St Johns

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